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Social Media Campaigns - Gold

$400.00 - $750.00

Build your music across major platforms with our Gold Package, featuring Instagram growth, Spotify playlist pitching, and Apple Music promotion.

  • 3-Month Campaign ($400): Over three months, witness growth on Instagram, playlist success on Spotify, and enhanced visibility on Apple Music.

  • 6-Month Campaign ($525): With a six-month campaign, ensure sustained growth and playlist recognition across Instagram, Spotify, and Apple Music.

  • Yearly Campaign ($750): For a yearly experience of success, choose the yearly campaign to establish a boosted presence on Instagram, Spotify, and Apple Music. Choose the yearly campaign for extensive Instagram growth, playlist reach, editorial placements, and algorithmic enhancement. A blog placement and featured post are included in your year-long journey with us.

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Build Your Music Across Major Platforms with Our Gold Package

Elevate your music career with our comprehensive Gold Package. Designed to boost your social media presence, we offer targeted Instagram growth, Spotify playlist pitching, and Apple Music promotion.

Package Options:

3-Month Campaign ($400):

  • Witness growth on Instagram
  • Achieve playlist success on Spotify
  • Enhance visibility on Apple Music
  • Organic Spotify promotion to increase streams and reach

6-Month Campaign ($525):

  • Ensure sustained growth on Instagram
  • Gain playlist recognition on Spotify
  • Boost presence on Apple Music
  • Organically increase your streams with effective promotion

Yearly Campaign ($750):

  • Extensive Instagram growth and Spotify playlist reach
  • Editorial placements and algorithmic enhancement on Spotify
  • Apple Music promotion for comprehensive visibility
  • Blog placement and featured post included
  • Long-term success with real Spotify streams and increased monthly listeners

With our Gold Package, you'll effectively build your music across all major social media platforms, boosting your Spotify monthly listeners, increasing your streams, and ensuring targeted growth.

Benefits of the Gold Package:

  • Instagram Growth: Targeted campaigns to boost your followers and engagement.
  • Spotify Promotion: Increase your Spotify streams and playlist placements.
  • Apple Music Visibility: Enhance your presence on Apple Music.
  • Long-Term Success: From three-month plans to yearly campaigns, ensure your music reaches its full potential.
  • Organic Growth: Our strategies focus on organically increasing your streams and engagement.

Why Choose Clonefluence?

  • Proven Results: We have a track record of helping artists grow their music careers.
  • Comprehensive Promotion: From social media to streaming platforms, we cover it all.
  • Tailored Campaigns: Each package is designed to meet your specific needs and goals.

Boost your music career today with Clonefluence's Gold Package!