Spotify Promotion - Diamond


Exceed exclusive and top-tier results in the Diamond Package. Enjoy a personalized, VIP-level approach with exclusive curator connections, top-tier editorial features, and premier algorithmic strategies. This package is designed for artists aiming for elite Spotify success. Transform your music career.

  • 8+ playlists
  • 25,000-50,000 streams
  • 50k+ follower reach on all playlists
  • Founder/Owner direct customer support
  • Adds to our in-house playlist network (cf.)
  • Organically targeted followers and saves
  • Instagram story post on @Clonefluence to 90k+ followers
  • Instagram featured post on @Clonefluence to 90k+ followers
  • VIP Spotify algorithmic targeting based on interests, genre, and location
  • Top-tier editorial and algorithmic playlist pitching - playlist reach above 100k

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Experience the next level with Clonefluence's Diamond Package. Designed for artists chasing elite success on Spotify, this package offers a top-class VIP experience. Benefits your music career with access to exclusive curator relations, high-profile editorial placements, and premium algorithmic strategies.

Diamond Package Benefits

8+ Playlists: Secure placements in over 8 quality playlists.

25,000-50,000 Streams: Enjoy a substantial boost in your Spotify streams.

50k+ Follower Reach: Gain exposure to over 50,000 followers across all playlists.

Direct Customer Support: Receive full support from our Founder/Owner.

Curated Playlist Network: Get added to Clonefluence’s playlist network (cf).

Organic Growth: Attract organically targeted followers and saves.

Instagram Promotion: Feature in an Instagram story and post on @Clonefluence, reaching 90k+ followers.

Algorithmic Targeting: Benefit from VIP Spotify algorithmic targeting based on interests, genre, and location.

Editorial Playlist Pitching: Access top-tier editorial and algorithmic playlists with a reach above 100k.
Why Choose the Diamond Package?

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The Clonefluence Diamond Package is the ultimate solution for artists aiming for top-tier Spotify success. With personalized support, extensive playlist reach, and targeted promotional strategies, you can elevate your music career to new heights. Embrace the opportunity to transform your Spotify presence with Clonefluence.