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Clonefluence had the opportunity to interview artist drxftkid about the release of "The Waiting Game" EP.
What is the meaning behind your release?
"The Waiting Game" is an autobiographical retelling of an unrequited love story shared between the Artist and a relationship from their past. The EP begins with the Artist waiting outside of their partner’s house in a BMW. In the car they have many thoughts, and doubts as to their partner’s true intentions. They realise they’ve been giving all of their body, and all of their mind, and getting nothing in return - as their partner is looking for someone else. The Artist continues to delve deeper into this thought process – realising that their partner never asks for their opinion, and is always making excuses not to spend time together. They mention that they’re losing themself in the process, realise that they’re being played, and that this is not the first-time their energy and confidence has been taken and abused against their will. The Artist puts it out there for the first time, that if their partner keeps on doing what they’re doing then, then their relationship is finished.

The Artist’s energy then seems to switch from one of hurt, pain, and victimisation – to anger. It seems like they have opened the floodgates of reflection, and begin to evaluate their identity, and the greater context of their life. They feel lost, and become frustrated at their situation - asking what more they need to do for things to go their way for once. The song finishes with them asking ‘is it me’? No longer angry, the energy shifts once again. It is as if the Artist has vented all of their anger, and is back to where they started. They feel empty, and lost with how they have been treated by their partner and society at large. However, there is a power shift in their perspective, as they begin to realise that no matter what they do, there is always opposition. They realise that if you can’t please everybody, the odds are stacked against you, and things are out of your control – then what have you got to lose? Go for what you want in spite of it all.

In the EP’s finale, the Artist begins to speak from a place of empowerment. They are now equipped to face the person that was taking them for granted, and to tell them that they see things for what they are, and are no longer going to put up with it. Since their glow up, the other person begins to see their value, but it is too late. Drxftkid is "back at the party" and no longer "has the space" for their negativity.

What does this project say about you?
The project says that I have been through some stuff. Stuff that a lot of people can relate to. It shows that I was once hurt by this, and felt incredibly lost at one point in my life. Rather than wallow in victimhood though - maturity, deep reflection, and the healing powers of time – allowed me to realise my worth. Once I did, I was able to set clearer boundaries with what I would accept, and what I would not.

What are your plans next?
Part of being drxftkid, is to drift and explore. I’m constantly trying to push my comfort zone – whether it be through genre, or through the level of honesty I put into my lyrics. So, stay tuned, as I will always try and keep listeners on their toes with something fresh and unexpected! You can bet it will feature cold reverb, and alternative/indie/trap influences though.
Next year, I plan on releasing more music - learning more about production, and my style as an Artist, to enhance the quality and listening experience of my projects each time. I’m always working on the world I’m creating (, and designing new merch with my organic streetwear company ‘Aliøn’ (, as they are an extension of my personality.

What does your project aim to say?
You’ve probably heard it a million times, but life is short. Far too short to be waiting for your partner, or society to see your value. What have you got to lose?

Join the party, love how awesome you are, and start living!
Listen to "The Waiting Game" by drxftkid below: