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Clonefluence had the opportunity to speak with musician Isabella Chiarini about her new single titled "Lose You."

Isabella is a versatile artist and scales across many different genres. She is mainly known for her popular song titled "Every Single Tear." 

This new song is very special to her. 
The meaning behind the song is someone who is very much in love with another and even though it’s been a bumpy road, getting over them will be something very hard to do. It’s very similar to one person you just can’t shake no matter how hard you try because you secretly don’t want them to go. The song was about a previous relationship Isabella was in and how the other person wasn’t giving her enough but even though being them was rough, losing them would tougher.

Isabella's project is something different because it’s more mellow than what she usually releases. It shows her true versatility and relatability which are both very important especially in this new era of music. This project is very vulnerable and a lot of young women will relate to it. A lot of women may feel this way about relationships. Relationships have a lot to do with comfortability and people want to stay because you think we can change them when in reality it doesn’t always work that way. 

For future plans, Isabella wants to spend her summer gigging and songwriting for new material. She's highly engaged with summer energy because the vibes are so lively and everyone is out. She meets the majority of new artist friends through her summer gigs.

Isabella always like too leave the message slightly up to the listener. The song has a general theme of being in love with someone you miss a lot if they left you but whoever that may be or however the song is interpreted is up to the listener.
Take a listen to "Lose You" below: